Janet Jackson Faces Off With Fans Over Copyright Infringement

Those attending Janet Jackson’s recent tour in America and shared photos and videos on social media found posts from their accounts and even their whole profiles deleted in a strong crackdown on copyright infringement by Jackson and her lawyers.

The singer is currently promoting her ‘Unbreakable’ tour. The North American leg of the tour, which included 88 concerts, sold out in two weeks.

The outbreak of legal action was focused on the image and video sharing app Instagram, where users often tag the exact location of their photos, and add hashtags such as #UnbreakableTour or #JanetJackson to easily identify material that infringed on copyright.

Copyright Violation

Those attending Jackson’s concerts in Los Angeles and San Francisco who posted photos of the concert on Instagram received messages claiming that a third party had reported that the content violates copyright (supposedly the imagery and music of the show and Jackson herself).

Jackson is infamous for her insistence on authorising photography of herself on tour, only allowing professional photos to be taken for the first thirty seconds of each song performed in order to display the tour as energetic and fresh.

Those attending were upset to have their content removed, and in some cases their accounts removed from social media platforms, and took to – where else? – social media to protest the draconian activity.

Janet Jackson has publically defended the actions of her legal team, claiming ‘My team is passionate about protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects.’

However, she did change tack after the social media fallout, claiming on Twitter that she was happy for short clips to be posted on the internet, and even wrote ‘Please keep posting them’.

Jackson’s tour hits the UK in March, where continued activity to protect the content of the concert will continue.