Company Law Update

June 13, 2016, By

Annual Confirmation Process

From June 2016, companies will no longer be required to file an annual return. Instead there will be a more flexible process by which companies will “check and confirm” their basic information at least once a year by filing a confirmation statement. The information that will be covered by the new confirmation statement is mostly the same as currently required for the annual return, together with information from the PSC Register. Provided the company has made all required filings (if any) throughout the year, this new process will enable a company merely to confirm that the information held at Companies House is correct.

Statutory Registers

From June 2016, companies will be able to elect not to hold any, or all of the following statutory registers:

  • register of members;
  • register of directors;
  • register of directors’ residential addresses;
  • register of secretaries; and
  • the new PSC register.

Instead this information can be held publically at Companies House but the company must keep this information up to date in the same way that the registers would have been.

It should be noted that if a company opts not to hold its own statutory registers, information that would not have otherwise been available publically (such as members addresses and full dates of birth of directors and PSC’s) would be made available at Companies House.

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