A Social Media Policy Guide for Businesses

Social media now plays an important role in people’s everyday lives and has fast become a valuable method of communication for both individuals and businesses.

It provides organisations with the opportunity to effectively promote their brand message and their services. However, whilst social media is now integral to the marketing of any company, it does come with its risks. Its fast-paced and unregulated nature has led to many companies having to deal with difficult situations, where its misuse has caused damage to the business and its reputation.

Having policies and procedures that outline the acceptable use of social media can help to protect companies from having to deal with any related harm. Slater Heelis has put together a guide on how to implement such fail-safe social media policies that help to track and control its usage while ensuring that employees have the freedom to communicate their experiences and opinions.

Slater Heelis’ Social Media Policy Guide for Businesses

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