1,858 Monarch Staff Redundant

October 9, 2017, By

Monarch’s failure to consult on redundancies has resulted in the Unite union pursuing legal action on behalf of 1,858 Monarch staff.

Where 100 or more redundancies are proposed, the minimum consultation period before dismissal is 45 days. In Monarch’s case all staff received an email on Monday 2 October 2017 requesting them to attend a meeting or contact a conference call at 9am; those who could not be present at that time were promised a further conference call. This second call came as an added blow to staff who incurred charges of 50p a minute to an 0844 number, leaving one Monarch pilot with a bill for £38.90 for the call. Administrators KPMG have since agreed to refund the phone bills of Monarch employees who were charged as much as £40 to hear news of their redundancy.

In respect of redundancy payments, Unite expect such compensation to add millions to the taxpayers’ bill; this is in addition to the initial cost for the repatriation of 110,000 tourists stranded overseas.