A Rough Guide to Car Accident Claims

You can make a compensation claim if you’ve been injured in a car crash that was caused by someone else – whether you were the driver of another vehicle, a passenger, or a pedestrian.

Some cases are clear-cut, but many aren’t.

Why blame needs to be established and proved

The accident must have been someone else’s fault for you to be able to claim. You won’t get any compensation if you caused it.

Essentially, any vehicle that hits another vehicle ahead of it is at fault. This is because they should have left enough distance between their vehicle and yours in order to brake in time. In a “pile-up” scenario involving multiple vehicles, any driver who runs into the back of another is at fault.

It isn’t always easy to prove that the other driver was to blame. Witnesses and photographic evidence can be a great help – otherwise it is your word against the other motorist’s. However, it’s not always possible to gather witnesses or take photographs – especially in more serious collisions.

In any case, you should make sure you have a specialist solicitor on your side.

What your compensation should cover

The amount of compensation you get will depend on numerous factors. You should be financially reimbursed for the following:

• Your injuries (the figure will vary according to their severity)
• Any loss of income you’ve suffered
• Costs for any private medical treatment you’ve undergone because of the accident
• Vehicle repair costs – or the value of your car if it’s beyond repair

Why you mustn’t rush into decisions

Too many road traffic accident victims allow themselves to be dictated to by insurance companies. Your insurer might recommend a solicitor – but who’s to say this is the right solicitor for you? On the other hand, the other driver’s insurer might try to offer you an out-of-court settlement figure – which will more than likely be much lower than you deserve.

Remember: you are the one in control. You have the right to choose which solicitor handles your case, and you do not have to settle for a compensation figure that seems unfair.

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