Separating when children are involved can be unsettling for the whole family. Our experienced team of family solicitors understand how this can impact your lives and aim to provide you with the best advice to meet your children’s needs.

Putting Your Children First

We know that your children are the most important part of your life and we recognise that any legal matters involving them have the potential to cause you anxiety. That’s why our dedicated family lawyers make every effort to ensure that your children are put at the heart of all legal arrangements to meet their best interests. Whether this involves negotiations with your former partner in a co-parenting context, agreeing living arrangements for your children, agreeing suitable financial arrangements for the children after a divorce or separation, the involvement of CAFCASS, or your rights as a grandparent, we are focused on the most pragmatic and child-friendly solutions.

Child-Focused Advice

As members of Resolution (the organisation of family lawyers committed to the constructive settlement of family disputes) we are also fully aware of the need to maintain a productive dialogue with your former partner. So, where appropriate we will always endeavour to keep your matter out of court and use alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation or collaborative law to achieve an outcome that is tailored to your family’s particular situation. If, however, your case involves litigation, then our professional and friendly family solicitors will ensure that the best possible arguments are made in the children’s best interests.

Call Our Family Lawyers

We advise on all child related matters, including specific issues relating to schooling and religion, issues around parentage, international disputes over where your children live, and issues in respect of child maintenance. Our helpful and professional family lawyers can advise you on any matters relating to your children. Please contact us in our Sale or Manchester city centre locations on 0161 969 3131 or email a member of the team.