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We understand that arrangements for your children are likely to be your primary concern after a divorce or separation and, as such, we are committed to a sensitive and child-friendly approach when advising you.

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We will endeavour to help you reach a mutually agreed arrangement with your former partner outside the court arena, because this is the usually considered to be in the child’s best interests. Where this cannot be achieved our friendly family lawyers will use their expertise to negotiate an agreement on your behalf.

Child Arrangements and How We Can Help You

The phrase ‘child custody’ is no longer being used by the Family Court in England and Wales, but the vast majority of parents recognise it to refer to which parent looks after a child for the majority of the time. The preferred terminology is now ‘child arrangements’ – which refers to contact and residence in one umbrella term. The Family Court will always ensure that any arrangements are in the children’s best interests by reference to a number of factors. This is a complex area of law and it is important to understand the likely approach of the court. Our family team are experts in this respect.

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