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Estate Planning & Asset Protection Solicitors

When making arrangements for your estate, there are many considerations to be made. Making a will is an essential part of the process, but there is much more to it than that.

Our solicitors can provide you with advice and assistance in this area, whatever your personal circumstances may be. We specialise in the following:

Estate Planning

We will help you put together an overall plan for your estate, so that your assets (money, property and other possessions) go where you want them to once the time comes. Another key part of this process is ensuring that your assets are as tax-efficient as possible for your loved ones.

Asset Protection

In order for your loved ones to fully benefit from the assets you leave them, they must be properly protected. Ideally this will be done before your death, but it can be done afterwards too.

Succession Planning for Business Owners

Estate planning and asset protection for business owners is usually more complicated, as there are unique issues to consider here.
We will help you plan for the future of your business once you are gone – looking at the various exit strategies and family succession planning options if you want your family to take over the business. We will also explore the different tax relief options that may be available to you as a business owner.

Succession Planning for Landed Estates and Rural Property Owners

Agricultural properties and landed estates are subject to different tax reliefs than regular residential estates. With careful planning, we can help you maximise these tax reliefs and secure your assets for future generations.