Uber Granted right of appeal

April 25, 2017, By

Minicab company, Uber, has been granted the right to appeal against a recent employment tribunal ruling concerning the employment status of its drivers. 

Towards the end of last year, the London employment tribunal heard cases from two Uber drivers on behalf of a wider group of Uber drivers. The drivers claimed that they were employed by Uber and enjoyed associated employment rights and protections. Uber claimed that its drivers were self-employed and many Uber drivers agreed and argued that they enjoyed being self-employed, with the freedom that this brings. 

The employment tribunal decided that Uber drivers were workers and, as such, they enjoyed minimum rights, such as the right to be paid a minimum wage and the right to receive statutory sick pay. 

Uber has now been granted the right of appeal against the employment tribunal’s decision. The employment appeal tribunal (EAT) is set to hear the appeal in September 2017. The EAT’s decision will have far-reaching consequences in the current so-called gig economy where the labour market is flooded with short-term contracts and freelance work, rather than permanent employment contracts.