Tesco Equal Pay Claim

February 23, 2018, By

It has been reported that Law firm, Leigh Day, has begun the ACAS Early Conciliation process against Tesco on behalf of almost 100 female shop assistants claiming equal pay. The commencement of the ACAS Early Conciliation process is required before potential claimants submit claims in the Employment Tribunal in the vast majority of cases and the start of the process is often the first indication to an employer that employees/ex-employees intend to submit a Tribunal claim against it.  

It has been reported that Tesco is facing a demand for up to £4 billion in back pay from thousands of employees and that this could be the UK’s largest ever equal pay claim. The claim concerns shop workers who say that they earn as much as £3 per hour less than male warehouse workers in similar roles.  

Supermarket giants Asda and Sainsbury’s are also facing similar equal pay actions with ongoing claims against both organisations currently in the Tribunal system.