Taxi firm Uber fires more than 20 people following harassment investigation

June 2, 2017, By

It has recently been reported that Uber has dismissed more than 20 staff following a detailed harassment investigation. The company has reported that the dismissals relate to sexual harassment, bullying and issues concerning poor company culture.

It was recently reported that a former employee, a female member of staff, had written a damaging blog concerning her work experience at Uber. The blog led to investigations uncovering over 200 complaints about harassment and other allegations. The blog, written by ex-member of staff, Susan Fowler, criticised the company for ignoring her complaints of sexual harassment. The blog was widely shared and prompted Uber to launch internal investigations into the issues raised.

Of the 215 claims investigated, 54 related to discrimination, 47 to sexual harassment and 45 to unprofessional behaviour. It has been reported that actions taken by Uber following the investigation and legal review of the allegations included firing 20 staff, initiating training for 31 staff and issuing final warnings to 7 members of staff. 57 claims are still under review.

It has also been reported that Uber has appointed Eric Holder, to investigate the company’s broader corporate culture.