Chelsea Doctor Settles Claim

June 17, 2016, By

Earlier this month former Chelsea Football Club first team doctor, Eva Carneiro settled her employment claim in the London South Employment Tribunal centre in Croydon.

The dispute began when Carneiro ran on to the football pitch during Chelsea’s opening game to treat Eden Hazard, forcing him to temporarily vacate the pitch leaving Chelsea with only nine players against Swansea’s eleven. Chelsea went on to draw the game and Mourinho publically criticised Carneiro calling her impulsive and naïve. Carneiro had also claimed that Mourihno had shouted a disrespectful Portuguese phrase at her. Following the incident Carneiro was demoted. Carneiro then left the club in September 2015 and claimed constructive unfair dismissal against her employer and sex discrimination against Jose Mourinho.

Whilst Chelsea said in a statement that it apologised “unreservedly” for the distress it caused Carneiro and her family, the actual terms of settlement remain confidential. It is however anticipated that the settlement figure was in excess of the £1.2 million previously offered to and rejected by the doctor. Had the tribunal continued, Chelsea and Jose Mourihno could have faced further adverse publicity as well as additional potentially damaging and embarrassing evidence coming in to the public domain.

A spokesperson for the campaign group Women in Football stated: “Women in Football are delighted that Eva’s name has been rightly cleared and her professional reputation as a doctor upheld.”