The Battle of the Worker Status Continues

August 15, 2017, By

Worker status has yet again been established in the so-called ‘gig’ economy, this time a successful action was brought against Addison Lee (a minicab firm).

The central London employment tribunal found that the company had treated its workers as ‘independent contractors’ without rights to holiday pay or the national minimum wage. Its ruling that cycle courier Chris Gascoigne, 48, should be classed as a ‘worker’ follows similar verdicts in cases brought against Uber and Deliveroo. The court also showed concern that the company attempted to ‘frighten off’ Gascoigne from challenging his employment status as a clause in his contract stated he should “indemnify Addison Lee against any liability for any employment-related claim or any claim based on worker status brought by you”.

The decision comes at a time when the government is considering recommendations to implement laws that any self-employed worker under “control” or “supervision” from their contracting company should be considered a “dependent contractor” and benefit from holiday pay, sick pay and the minimum wage.