Pre-nup for Pets

Just when you think you’ve heard it all: The Pet-Nup

The very nature of family law means that no two cases are ever the same. Family dynamics, financial circumstances and the personalities of the people involved mean that each case has its own unique blueprint.

The nature of the work we do means that we are privy to very personal and sometimes intimate information. Experienced family lawyers often say that they have heard it all, but occasionally along comes something that will raise the eyebrow of even the most veteran members of the profession!

The animal charity Blue Cross has come up with a pre-nuptial agreement for pet owning couples which states who will get ownership of the animals in the event of separation. At first glance it would be easy to write off the so-called “pet-nup” as ridiculous. However, the lawyer who has had experience of a separated couple fighting over who keeps the dog would probably disagree! Legal wranglings over who gets ‘pet custody’ can cost a fortune, take up valuable court time and be unnecessarily stressful for the parties involved. So, perhaps there is room for a legally enforceable agreement to deal set out pet owners’ expectations from the word go.

It is a complete uncertainty as to whether a pet-nup could be enforced by the courts. Celebrity couples seem to be sold on the idea and therefore, it is possible that the pet-nup will become a mainstream concept. If that is the case then it is only a matter of time before a judge will have to rule on the legality of a pet-nup. So, watch this space!

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