LOVE HATE: Divorce and Tattoo removal?

At the end of the day Family Law is a business like any other. We compete in a market place that becomes increasingly tough to survive in. Many family law firms have fallen in the wake of the recession, as a result of the demise of public funding and the arrival of the so-called quickie divorce offered by supermarkets and online operators.   The landscape of the legal marketplace is unrecognisable compared to how it looked a generation ago.

Law firms that market themselves innovatively and constantly develop and evolve their PR strategies are the survivors in this tough marketplace and some of the methods have caught our eye!

Perhaps the most extreme offering is from a firm who give away free tattoo removal with every divorce so that clients can erase their former spouses’ name and we’re not just talking about their marriage certificate! Meanwhile, The Co-op advertises their divorce service with the slogan ‘Buy one…Set one free’ and claim that ‘shoppers will be able to start quickie divorce proceedings while they pick up a pint of milk or bunch of Fairtrade bananas’.

Divorce is recognised as one of the most stressful experiences that a person can go through. We wonder if some of the more light hearted marketing approaches actually undermine this. The vast majority of clients do not take such life-changing steps without a great deal of thought and consideration. Working with people dealing with marriage breakdown on a daily basis means that we can say from experience that initiating divorce proceedings cannot, on any level, be equated to grocery shopping.

Slater Heelis LLP has survived the twists and turns of the legal marketplace for over 240 years and this stands us in good stead. We know our clients, we know our courts and we know our community. We also know that our long history and standing isn’t enough to rest on our laurels and so our marketing initiatives are thoughtful and carefully planned to work in our community. We level with our clients and offer a down to earth professional service without gimmicks or slogans. We won’t patronise our clients and never underestimate the emotional turmoil that they may be experiencing. So, if you are considering getting a divorce and need straight-talking advice then call 0161 969 3131 and speak to one of our expert divorce solicitors.