Getting Creative with Child Contact

May 14, 2020, By Slater Heelis

Charlotte, a parent and partner in our Family team, shares some ideas for getting creative with child contact, when you can’t see them face to face.

The way you spend time with your children may have changed over recent weeks and you may now find yourself having to rely on things like Zoom and Facetime or, good old fashioned pen and paper. This does not mean that your time can’t be quality time,and it does not mean that it can’t be fun.

Here are a just couple of ways to get creative with it:-

  • Pop to the post office, post some seeds and set up a Facetime call so you can plant them together and watch the progress over the coming weeks;
  • Read a bedtime story over the phone or on Facetime and arrange to make one of the characters together during your next session;
  • Do a short quiz together on a topic you know they like, for example, for my son’s, it would be super heroes or football;
  • Paint a portrait of each other during a Zoom/Facetime session; or
  • Write a letter with a note from their favourite singer or, cartoon character enclosed.

These are undoubtedly very difficult times for some parents and children but this does not mean that contact, albeit different in the short term, is any less important.

Looking for further family advice?

If you do have any issues or queries about child contact and arrangements, either during lockdown or afterward, our family team are here to guide and advise you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0161 969 3131 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.