Free consultations extended to blue light & teachers

May 27, 2020, By Slater Heelis

Last month, we announced that we would be providing free one-hour consultations with family solicitors for NHS staff.

We can see how these extraordinary circumstances have put increased pressure on many of our other key workers, not just our NHS heroes.

As many of us followed instructions to stay home, work from home and stay connected via technology, the likes of teachers, police officers and firefighters have continued to work hard to protect us and keep us, and our families, safe throughout this pandemic. This is why we are now extending this offer to the police, teachers and fire & rescue services

Our Token of Thanks

We are aware of how much all of our emotions are heightened at this time. Immense strain has been put on the people in these important roles, sometimes with knock-on effects to family life.

Those who require the advice of an expert solicitor will have access to the full range of our family law services.

In this complimentary 1-hour consultation, these people can seek advice and guidance on any family law issue.

This includes out of court settlements such as mediation, child arrangements, separation, domestic violence, financial separation, divorce/dissolution, maintenance, pre-nuptial agreements or living together/cohabitation arrangements.

Contact us for a Consultation

We have extended the deadline for people to contact us to arrange their free consultation.

All workers within the NHS, police force, fire & rescue service, or teachers, should email [email protected] from their work registered email address by 30 June 2020.

Meetings can take place either by telephone, or face to face once our offices re-open. Appointments can be booked up until 30 November 2020, when this offer ends.

If you know anybody within these high-pressure roles who you think may benefit from this offer, please do share this information with them. While we know we cannot match their selflessness at this time, we would like to show our gratitude through this offer.

For general enquiries, please call us on 0161 969 3131 or leave us your details and we will call you back.