Free one-hour consultations with family solicitors for NHS Staff

April 23, 2020, By Slater Heelis

The past couple of months have been extraordinary for us all, in particular for the heroes working for the NHS to protect our loved ones. While many of us have been at home with our nearest and dearest, our NHS workers have been battling the virus head-on at the frontline. Some NHS staff have had to stay away from their homes for extended periods of time and we understand the strain that this can put on family life.

Families who are already separated, or who have been separated due to isolation of a parent that has been in contact with Covid-positive patients, may have experienced additional strain.

As a thank you for their ongoing efforts in combating Covid-19 in these exceptional times, often through redeployment and without the proper resources, we would like to help.

Thank you NHS

We are offering NHS staff throughout England & Wales a complementary one-hour consultation with a family solicitor. All of our family team are Resolution trained, and can offer specialist advice on how best to deal with each individual’s situation.

A Token of Appreciation

They will have access to advice on any family law issue, including out of court settlements such as mediation, child arrangements, separation, domestic violence, financial separation, divorce/dissolution, maintenance, pre-nuptial agreements or living together/cohabitation arrangements.

Mark Heptinstall, Partner and Head of our Family team, said:

“This is an incredibly difficult time for families, especially those putting their own lives at risk working long hours for our NHS. Workers may be living apart or self-isolating from the rest of their family and children, which places an additional stress on what may already be a strained situation.

“We would like to say thank you for everything that the NHS workers do to protect the nation, and give something back in our way. As a small token of our gratitude and appreciation we are offering our specialist services to all NHS staff in need of family law advice.”

Contact us for a Consultation

NHS workers who would like further advice on any aspect of family law should email [email protected] from their NHS registered email by 30 June 2020, in order to book a consultation. Meetings will take place by telephone or remotely initially from now until 30 November 2020 when this offer ends.

Please share this information with any NHS workers you think it may benefit. We would like to help as many of these wonderful people as we can.

For general enquiries, call us on 0161 969 3131.