Family and Divorce Law Jargon Buster: Part 7 – Shared Residence

July 30, 2013, By Slater Heelis


This is the next instalment in our bitesize blog series in which we hope to demystify some of the legal terms which are frequently used by family solicitors when giving legal advice and in the family courts environment.

Shared Residence:  After separation one of the most contentious issues can be where the children will live.  This used to be referred to as ‘custody’ but this is a term which is no longer used.  The Children Act 1989 rules that a child’s welfare is paramount and will be given absolute priority before any order is made in relation to that child or children.  Shared residence is the term given to an arrangement after separation of the parents whereby the child or children split their time between their parents’ residences.  It need not be an even split for it to be termed ‘shared residence’.

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