Family and Divorce Law Jargon Buster: Part 10 – Disclosure

October 1, 2013, By Slater Heelis

This is the next instalment in our bitesize blog series in which we hope to demystify some of the legal terms which are frequently used by family solicitors when giving legal advice and in the family courts environment.

Disclosure:   The disclosure process requires each party to provide full and frank information and documentation about their respective and joint financial circumstances. This means providing bank statements, mortgage statements, investment portfolio statements and details of liabilities for example.   It also includes providing company information if one person is a director or shareholder.  If court proceedings have been issued, the disclosure process is obligatory and the duty of disclosure is ongoing.  Where there are no court proceedings, disclosure is a voluntary process, although it would be usual practice for a solicitor to advise full disclosure.

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