Civil Partnerships for all in Isle of Man

August 8, 2016, By

The Isle of Man has become a trail blazer recently by allowing hetrosexual couple to enter into a civil partnership.

So how is that different? The Isle of Man has a separate legal system and of course tax system from the rest of the UK. It does however still need the Queen’s assent to get law through.

Before same sex marriages were made legal, same sex couples could enter into a civil partnership,  giving them the same legal rights as married people. Now that same sex couples can marry, one heterosexual couple is taking the UK to Court this autumn arguing civil partnership s should be available to them as well. If not, they argue, heterosexual couples are being discriminated against. They can marry but there is a difference and perhaps there shouldn’t be. We are after all human beings so why not have the same rules for everyone.

One area that should perhaps be changed is to give cohabitees gay or straight some rights. Most people think that if a couple live together for a few years they acquire rights to the other’s home, money etc,. But this isn’t the case. There’s no automatic entitlement which often leaves people disadvantaged if they don’t marry. We now have a record number of people living together and more children than ever born outside marriage so maybe things will change soon.