Cheryl Cole’s secret second marriage

It would appear Cheryl Cole really is in Crazy Stupid Love (the title of the divisive debut single from the pop-star’s soon to be released third solo album, for those without a wife from the North East to whom Cheryl is very dear) having announced today that she has secretly married Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

The pop star’s first marriage to footballer Ashley Cole ended in 2010, following allegations of Mr Cole’s infidelity and, according to reports at the time, Mrs Cole petitioned for divorce on Mr Cole’s unreasonable behaviour; presumably because he denied adultery. Mrs Cole was evidently in a hurry to conclude matters as Decree Nisi was pronounced in September 2010 and Decree Absolute in October 2010.

It is, therefore, a surprise to some that Cheryl Cole would marry for a second time, after what appears to be a very short relationship, given her previous experience. According to a BBC report BBCCherylCole2ndMarriage the newlyweds have been dating for a few months and Mr Fernandez-Versini runs a pop-up restaurant business. Naturally, therefore, the British media are speculating about whether the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement and the terms of such an agreement. Cheryl Cole is, however, a private person and the column filling statement announcing her secret marriage, one week before her latest single is released, makes no reference to any prenuptial agreement. Subject to poor album sales or low X Factor 2014 viewing figures, it’s unlikely such information will ever be forthcoming.

It is, however, likely that the multimillionaire pop star will have been advised to consider a nuptial agreement of some form, as the legal status of such agreements has developed considerably since the end of her first marriage in 2010. Historically, it has been said pre-nuptials are not worth the paper they’re written on, and some people still maintain that view, but the law is changing and, while no agreement will override the jurisdiction of the court, a well thought out and carefully drafted agreement can provide a strong foundation from which to determine the outcome of a post separation financial dispute.

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