Are Madonna’s child custody issues going to push her over the Borderline?

April 4, 2016, By

At the time of this blog Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie are at loggerheads over custody of their 15 year old son Rocco.

It is reported that court proceedings began between the pop icon and her film director ex-husband when Rocco was due to go to New York to stay with his mum over the winter break. Rocco had been staying with his dad in London and is said to have expressed strong views that he did not want return to his mum.

Madonna disagreed and issued an application under The Hague Convention for his immediate return. The Hague Convention deals with child abduction and requires the country in which the child is predominantly living to decide arrangements for that child. The Convention requires the abducted child to be returned before future living arrangements are decided. It seems that Guy Ritchie had been ordered to return Rocco to his mother but declined in the face of an unequivocal refusal from his son.

The former couple have been engaged in court proceedings since December 2015 with several hearings having taken place in both England and America. Both Madonna and Rocco have been busy posting on social media which means the case is never out of the public eye.

Last month Madonna is said to have broken down on stage during a concert in Melbourne dedicating a song to Rocco, drunk a shot of alcohol and cursed her ex-husband. Perhaps not unexpectedly, the court proceedings appear to be taking their toll on the Material Girl singer. It is reported that Madonna will be soon flying to England to try to work on her relationship with Rocco.

When parents separate it can be difficult to come to an agreement in respect of children. Throw into the mix the issue of parents living in different countries and things become even more complicated. If it is necessary to involve the court in child custody issues deciding where to start proceeding is a crucial factor. It is important to take advice on this issue from a specialist family lawyer if this applies in your case.

The ongoing battle between the former celebrity couple not only shows that children issues can affect any separated family, famous or not, but it also highlights the emotional and sometimes physical strain that arguing with your ex can have both on you and your children. If you are having trouble agreeing arrangements for children it can be tempting to want to fight it out in court. But you should consider the impact this could have on you and more importantly on your child. There are other ways of resolving matters. Let’s hope Madonna and Guy Ritchie can heed the judges warning to work together to deal with the issues that separate them.

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