All you need is love

That’s according to The Beatles.  But the year was 1967 and it was the Summer of Love.  Fast forward to 2013 and it’s no secret that our divorce rate is high.  The Office for National Statistics published a report at the end of last year which suggests 42% of marriages now end in divorce, peaking between the 4 and 8 year wedding anniversaries.  

It’s true that fewer people are choosing to get married in the first place, and stats for the number of civil partnerships ending in dissolution are of course highly relevant.   However here we consider what makes marriage last.

I am no expert, but I read an interesting article by Tim Lott in The Guardian on this subject which is worth sharing.  Tim identifies three key ingredients: communication, respect and trust.  Although love is often what brings people together in the first place, it is notoriously fickle.  For a marriage to endure life’s ups and downs there must be a more solid foundation.

As a Divorce Lawyer I see a number of clients each week whose relationship has sadly come to an end, looking for Divorce Advice.  In most cases one or more of Tim’s key ingredients has been lost along the way, be it trust due to an affair, or a slow erosion of respect due to unsociable behaviour.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the law acknowledges such issues create Grounds for Divorce, and justification for dissolving a marriage.  It seems to me that love is expressed through continued efforts to communicate properly, behaving respectfully and avoiding creating mistrust.

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