Fixed Fee Debt Recovery Service

At Slater Heelis, we offer a streamlined service to assist you in recovering unpaid invoices from both businesses and individuals. Our fixed fee debt recovery service is efficient and transparent in pricing from the outset.

We understand that chasing payment of outstanding invoices can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  We aim to take away this burden and offer fixed fees for our service to provide certainty. We can be instructed at any stage and can prepare demand letters, negotiate with your debtor and commence court action. We can also help in relation to enforcement options.

Fixed fees for debt recovery

We can offer a fixed fee service in relation to unpaid invoices which are not disputed by the other party.  Discounts for volume instructions can be agreed.

Our fixed fees are shown below:

When issuing proceedings, a Court fee is payable in addition to our fixed fee. The Court also sets the amount of your fees which you can claim from the debtor.

Once we have obtained judgment on your behalf, we can help you enforce your judgment such as instructing bailiffs, obtaining charging orders, attachment of earnings order or a third party debt order. Our solicitors will discuss the options with you when deciding the most appropriate enforcement method.

Disputed debt recovery

We understand that not all debt recovery matters are equal. Disputes can arise which may require the assistance of a solicitor. Slater Heelis has dedicated Dispute Resolution solicitors to help you.

We can start the process for you in the same manner as if it were undisputed, we will send our fully compliance debt recovery demand to the debtor. Should a dispute arise, we will take your instructions and respond on your behalf and attempt to reach a resolution. This can be done either through correspondence and negotiation alternatively we are able to issue legal proceedings all the way through to trial.

Disputed cases are charged on an hourly rate basis.

The hourly rates of our solicitors are shown below:

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