Debt Recovery Solicitors

You have supplied the goods or done the work but you are not being paid. Cash is the life-blood of any business, and our debt recovery solicitors are on hand to help.

We understand that your business needs cash to operate and you need to get paid. Even late payments can be very challenging and cause undue strain. The debt recovery solicitors in our dispute resolution team can assist.

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Efficient and Experienced

Our dispute resolution team has a proven track record of extracting payment from debtors quickly and cost effectively across all kinds of industries. We proactively chase debtors and work with our clients and the debtors to secure the maximum debt recovery with the minimum fuss.

If court action is required, our advanced case management system helps us to maximise efficiency so that our clients maximise their recovery.

A Service that Suits You

We can help with one or multiple debtors and provide a bespoke service to meet your needs. You can find out more information in the FAQ section below.

How to Start

Contact the Dispute Resolution team either by phone on 0161 969 3131 or through our contact form. We will then advise on how we can help, taking you through the process and the timescales of retrieving your money.

The first step is to complete our short debtor information questionnaire designed to produce all the details we will need to commence the debt recovery process.  We also help you to fill in any gaps.


  • What is the debt recovery process?