Remote Hearings: How will my Court Hearing take place?

May 13, 2020, By

As the world turns on its head, we are all getting used to new ways of working. No more so than with the way in which we attend court hearings.

With some court buildings being closed in lockdown, in many cases the courts are now holding remote hearings. Some of these will take place by telephone and others by way of a video hearing. The decision on this will be made by the Judge and sometimes, depending on the type of hearing, the Judge will decide that a case is not suitable for a remote hearing. In those cases, the hearing is likely to be adjourned to a later date in anticipation of the courts re-opening.

Arrangements for the hearing will usually be made by the court. You or your lawyer will be asked to provide your contact details and the court will call you directly to join telephone hearings. If the hearings are by video, you will need to have the facility on your laptop or phone to join the hearing and your lawyer will be able to talk you through this. Don’t worry if you don’t have the ability to have a video hearing. If that is the case, your lawyer will ask for the hearing to take place by telephone.

Communicating with your lawyer during a Remote Hearing

During your remote hearing, you will be able to listen in to the discussions but may not be able to talk. So, you can agree with your lawyer beforehand how to communicate during the hearing. This may be by email or a separate phone line.

If your lawyer needs to take your instructions during the hearing, the Judge can order a short break or may reconvene the hearing later on the same day depending on what needs to happen.

Are Remote Hearings Working?

On the whole, the hearings are working very well. Some clients prefer attending remote hearings as they can be less stressful then attending a court room. If you have any worries at all about your hearing, you should speak to your lawyer in advance of the hearing and they will be able to explain how the hearing will work in your case.

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