Residential Construction Projects

Our experienced and specialist lawyers offer clear legal advice to those involved in making changes to their home or investing in the construction of property.

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Residential Building and Construction Solicitors

Construction work can greatly improve our homes. It can give us much-needed extra living space and can add substantial monetary value. In some cases, building a new home from scratch is more cost-effective than buying and renovating. Either way, wise legal advice is essential.

Slater Heelis can act as your personal construction solicitor. We will make sure you acquire all relevant licences and necessary documentation before building work commences, and we will be on hand to provide any further assistance you require during the project.

Planning Permission

You will need to obtain planning permission before you can make any major structural changes to your home – including extension work – and you will certainly need it if you intend to build an entirely new home.

We can help you through the entire planning process, starting with your application. When considering your application, your local authority will evaluate the potential impacts the work could have on your neighbours and the immediate environment. Once you’ve been granted permission – and before work starts – you may need to give party wall notices to your neighbours if the work affects adjoining walls.

If any issues arise during your application, or after you have obtained permission, we can swiftly provide you with straightforward, expert advice.


Once you’ve found the tradespeople you want to hire for the project, we will help you agree suitable formal written contracts with them. This is crucial to the protection of your investment, and also helps to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Dispute Resolution

If issues arise during construction, we will provide you with dispute avoidance advice. If it cannot be avoided, we will suggest the most suitable dispute resolution method – which might be mediation, adjudication, expert determination, arbitration or even litigation.

Our lawyers are highly experienced and skilled in all these methods.

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