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Stay up to date with the latest developments and discussions in society and the sector though our legal podcast, Case Closed.

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Each month, we bring together solicitors from different teams within the business to share their expertise on various topics. Some of the issues covered to date include what to do if you get arrested, cohabitation disputes, advice for employers and even coverage of our unique ‘In Conversation’ events.

All episodes within our Case Closed legal podcast are here in one handy place for you to explore as you wish.

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There is a vast amount of information on our blog, which features new stories weekly, from the experts.
The blog is a useful resource if you would like to explore more of what our solicitors have to say on the most talked-about topics and difficult subjects.
Often, we will also transcribe the podcast episodes into blog posts so that even if you can’t listen, you don’t miss out on the helpful insight.

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