Slater Heelis Solicitors LLP is committed to providing an accessible and easy to use website for visitors.

We are making constant improvements to the site and its accessibility and have a considered plan to implement further changes in the future to continue with this work. The site is W3C compliant and accessible.

Please read the information below to find out about how we have addressed various accessibility issues:


Header and navigation

We have created a consistent and easy to use header and navigation. This is a permanent feature of the site and enables you to navigate the site easily as well as providing easy access to our contact details.


Text size

We have enabled the use of text resizing on this site so you can adjust the size to meet your reading requirements. In all major web browsers, there is the facility to resize the text if the website, like this one, allows it. For more information please visit your web browser’s website.

We have listed here a number of guides for the most popular browsers. Please click on the link to read the guide.

How to change browser font size in Firefox

How to change browser font size in Chrome

How to change browser font size in Internet Explorer


Website styling

We have worked on the visual styling to ensure that the site is easy to read in all circumstances. The contrast of the colours has been decided to create an easy to read environment for the visitor.


The footer section serves to provide links to our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and here you can also find our partnership registration details.